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Mr K's Mobile Dome Planetarium
2023-2024 School Program List

The Song of the Skies (Grade K & 1)
Sing about the sun, moon, stars, and our home planet earth. Your children will learn to sing this song, count, spell, and identify colors in this show for the very young.
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The Shapes in Our Sky (Grade K - 2)
Your students learn how constellations were invented. This program allows your students to develop this concept in easy steps, from observing simple shapes in everyday objects to imagining shapes marked by the stars in the planetarium sky.
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Sky Wonder (Grade 1 & 2)
Meet the sun, moon, planets, and stars in a basic star show for children. We investigate the day-night puzzle, meet some seasonal constellations, and end the show with a sunrise.
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Secrets of the Sky (Grade 1 - 3)
Find out things you never knew about the sky above with this catchy tune. In addition to learning about the moon, our sun, and the stars in the night sky, your students will learn about the earth and its place in the solar system.
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Follow the Drinking Gourd (Grades 1 - 4)
This planetarium program, based on the book "Follow the Drinking Gourd" by Jeanette Winter, introduces the audience to the day and night sky while discussing the importance of the Big Dipper. Your students will learn and sing a song that was sung by slaves in Alabama and Mississippi that explained how to use the gourd to flee north to freedom. Truly a great program!
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Your Sky Tonight! (Grade 3 & up)
Explore the night sky as seen from your backyard. This program looks at things you can find in the sky like bright stars and constellations, the current moon phase, and visible planets. All these objects, plus more, can be seen in your sky tonight!
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Our New Solar System (Grade 3 & up)
See the latest pictures of the planets as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope. Investigate the difference between stars and planets in the actual sky. Seasonal star patterns are also reviewed during the second half of your visit.
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Sky Cycles (Grade 3 & up)
Understand the different cycles our planet exhibits during the day and throughout the year. Rotation, which causes the day-night cycle and revolution, causing seasons are explained and differentiated. Students will also learn how to estimate time by seeing different positions of the sun on the dome.
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Native American Star Legends (Grade 4 & up)
Compare how Native Americans saw their night sky to how we see it today. This program focuses only on Native American stories.
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Greek and Roman Mythology (Grade 4 & up)
Same show description as above, however, this program focuses only on Greek and Roman stories.
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Comets, Meteors, & Asteroids (Grade 4 & up)
Your solar system is filled with eight principle planets and more than 200 known moons. However, some students and many adults do not know the difference between comets, meteors, and asteroids. In this program, your students will learn the difference between these solar system leftovers and see the current night sky in this fun-packed program.
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Best of the Hubble Space Telescope (Grade 4 & up)
Take a fantastic tour of your universe as seen through the eyes of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). With some of the finest pictures ever released from this orbiting observatory, see new planet pictures, awesome new stars still shrouded in gas, and even dying stars. Peer at galaxies in deep space and even see these star cities colliding with each other all seen through the sees of the Hubble Space Telescope. Seasonal constellations are shown during the second part of your planetarium visit.
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All About Light (Grade 5 & up)
Learn about the hidden secrets in a beam of white light. Under the dome, each student re-creates Newton's experiment by bending light through a diffraction grating, seeing for themselves that white light is a spectrum of seven colors. Also, color light bulbs and gas tubes under pressure are examined for different properties of light. Then seasonal stars and star patterns are reviewed at the end of the show.
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The Lives of the Stars (Grade 5 & up)
Discover the fascination of the life cycles of the stars...from birth to death. We discuss the meaning of star color, as well as mysterious objects such as white dwarfs, black holes, and supernovae.
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Earth Motions (Grade 8 & up)
This review is based upon the New York State syllabus Topic 4 or Unit 8. Our program visually shows the apparent motions of the stars from three latitudes and demonstrates our seasonal changes such as differing sunrise and sunset directions, increasing and decreasing the angle of insolation, as well as the changing duration of insolation. This is a great review for the Earth Science Regents exam.
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