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Mr K's Mobile Dome Planetarium
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mobile Dome Planetarium?
The Mobile Dome Planetarium is an inflatable traveling classroom, which fits in your gymnasium, average-sized classroom, or on an auditorium stage. The fabric dome inflates with a fan and requires a floor area of 25x25 feet with a minimum ceiling height of 11 feet.

The dome can bet set up in almost any gymnasium!

The set-up area MUST BE QUIET to ensure maximum learning potential!

Who Owns the Mobile Dome?
Astronomer and Director, Mr. Paul J. Krupinski (Mr. K.), owns and operates this traveling star theatre. Mr. K. is also on the educational and technical staff of the world-renowned Strasenburgh Planetarium of the Rochester Museum & Science Center, as well as a member of The International Planetarium Society, and is currently on the board of directors of The Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society.

Mr. K. explaining how the dome works to a group of students.

How Many Can Visit at One Time?
The planetarium was designed to accommodate ONE CLASS per visit. The following is a breakdown of the maximum number of students visiting for different grade levels:

  • Maximum of 30 students (grades K-3)
  • Maximum of 25 students (grades 4-9)
  • Maximum 15-20 adults
This is a small room and larger groups (30+) will not be comfortable under the dome. Please conform to the suggested numbers above or simply call me for more information.

What About The Cost?
All prices are listed for the 2023-2024 school year. The prices listed in the table below reflect my actual expenses to transport, unpack, set up, operate, and repack the Mobile Dome Planetarium equipment. There are NO contracts to sign and NO deposits necessary to book an appointment to have the Mobile Dome Planetarium for your class or event.

  • Minimum Fee $195
  • All Additional Programs are $85.00 each

Call or Text For More Information - (716) 908-1341

Interested in Other Information?
If you have other questions about astronomy or planetarium-related items like scheduling or whether programs meet New York State standards, simply contact us. We would be happy to chat with you!

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